Earworm Encounter: Miike Snow “Genghis Khan”

From Left to Right: American Singer Andrew Wyatt, Swedish production duo Pontus Winnberg and Christian Karlsson  Photo URL Video here  This indie pop band just came out with their 3rd album entitled “iii”.… Continue reading

Painting Van Gogh into Film

Photo URL      There is a new absolutely brilliant project happening out in Gdansk, Poland.  Ambitious animation filmmakers and oil painters are creating a feature film in which every single frame is… Continue reading

Earworm Encounter: The Lumineers “Ophelia”

Photo URL Video URL This catchy song recently leapt from 15-12 on Alternative Songs and got to #1 on the list of Adult Alternative Songs, according to an article by Kevin Rutherford for… Continue reading

Pimp my Castle: Castillo de Matrera

The Castle in Cádiz Before and After Photos from The Guardian  The renovation of this Andalusian fortress fell into the hands of local architect Carlos Quevedo Rojas, who received “Specific Education in Monument’s… Continue reading

Leaving the Ivy (3)

Leaving the Ivy: Fiscal Cost So, my Ivy didn’t offer any kind of merit scholarship.  Mostly because everyone going there was already awesome in some field and I’m guessing it would have been… Continue reading

Why Bond just keeps getting better

Photo Cred: http://electronix.lxrkan.com/2012/adele-skyfall-theatre-of-delays-remix/                    Today, Sunday December 01, 2012, I went to go see the new Bond movie, Skyfall.  And it was f***ing fantastic!  I mean,… Continue reading

Leaving the Ivy (2)

Continuing my series on why I transferred out of an Ivy League school and into a state university: #2  Know Your Roots URL: http://www.servicemagic.com/rfs/smpros/printArticle.jsp?edOID=13697            When I first went off… Continue reading

Leaving the Ivy

Photo Cred: http://blogdailyherald.com/tag/ivy-league/       So, you out here in the internet world don’t know this about me yet, but I recently transferred out of an Ivy university and into a State uni.… Continue reading

Top 5 Wonkiest Male Celebrity Noses

And now for the list!! #5.  Adrien Brody (photo cred, http://www.filmofilia.com/adrien-brody-joins-woody-allens-midnight-in-paris-17301/)       Look at his face, now look at this text, then back at his face.  Despite, or maybe because of, his… Continue reading


  So, recently this acronym ‘yolo’ has come to my attention because one of my good friends at TSU uses it constantly.  Constantly. Me:  Man I don’t know if I should get dessert,… Continue reading