Why Bond just keeps getting better

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                   Today, Sunday December 01, 2012, I went to go see the new Bond movie, Skyfall.  And it was f***ing fantastic!  I mean, really, the entire time my inner-secret-agent was aglow, like fireworks over the Hudson River: Gorgeous.

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There are many reasons why every Bond fan should go see Skyfall, but here are a few of the reasons why it’s such a fantastic film.

1.  Storyline:

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                   Alright, I’m going to try and give enough tantalizing details to get some of you out of  your houses and into the theaters, but not too much because the secrets are best revealed the way they were intended in the movie.  But basically I really enjoyed this Bond movie because it gave the characters a certain depth.  In the movie, Bond isn’t just banging all the sexy girls and catching the bad guys in his usual unfazed manner, but the viewer also gets to dive a little more into the darker aspects of being a spy.  In this installment of Bond, trusts are called into question, skeletons are aired, and pasts are dredged up.  All of this, plus explosions and bangs and gadgets and train wrecks and komodo dragons an–…well, you’ll just have to go see for yourself.  😛

2. The Villain


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(This villain and a particular scene from the movie, made me think about the poem ‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Shelley.)

         The villain of this Bond installment, Mr. Silva (a.k.a. Javier Bardem), is superb.  At first seeing Javier Bardem with blonde hair is…unsettling.  For some reason on him it just looks unnatural, but it just adds so much to his character!  There’s something to his character, something sexy, something mystique, just…it’s that something that makes you want to throw this guy in the nut house, admire him, and screw him (not necessarily in that order).  Ok, the screw him part may just be because I have a crush on Javier Bardem in general, but there was also something highly alluring of him.

 *SPOILER: But my biggest reason for loving Mr. Silva, is that he isn’t your typical Bond villain.  Yes, he wants to destroy a part of the world/has a personal vendetta, and yes he is mad.  BUT the real, biggest reason, I just love Mr. Silva, is that he is the Dark Bond–the Anti-Bond.  He is the greatest depths Bond could fall, and in fact Bond is on the edge of the line of turning into another Mr. Silva.

3.  The effects/scenery


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         The screenshots of this film are simply stunning.  All the way from Turkey to Macau to Scotland, everything is beautifully shot.  This movie is as much a visual feast as a tale about past sins.

URL: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/oct/25/skyfall-review

4.  The Bond Girl(s)

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            First off, at the beginning of the film Bond is off on a mission in Turkey.  And guess what!! He has a partner!  It’s another agent…a FEMALE agent.  It’s the first girl pictured, with a gun in one hand and driving with the other.  She is a kick ass field agent.  Sure, she messes up a little bit, but as far as a young woman involved in a Bond film goes, she’s still fantastic.  It’s unclear whether or not she sleeps with Bond (she does shave him in one scene) (She shaved his scruff, people, with an old-school razor blade.), but she does go on a couple of missions with Bond.

          Now, the other Bond girl.  This one, Bond does bang.  She’s the chick in red, looking all sultry and mysterious like a proper Bond girl should look.  But she’s interesting not only because of her history and connection to Mr. Silva, but because of her fate.  What happens to her in the end is…unexpected.  And that’s all I’ll say on that bit.

5. M Drama

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                  This point goes back to the ‘storyline’ idea, but this movie is just as much about M as it is about Bond.  M is the target in this film (not anything new there, if you watched the trailers), and the audience finally gets more of a glimpse at the harshness of being the ‘Big Boss’.  The kind of calls M had to make over field officers and MI6, are most certainly calls I’d never be able to make.  Of course M does what she thinks is best, but some (well, one) of those past choices comes back to bite her.  If you ever thought M had it good, sitting back and calling all the shots from her office back at London, then this installment would show you just exactly how wrong you were.

#1 Thing I DID NOT LIKE about the film:

                   Just one little graphic.  The komodo dragon in Macau is a little…let’s just say CGI-y.

URL: http://billdesowitz.com/skyfall-gets-animated-with-a-komodo-dragon/

      It’s about the only thing that drew me out of the movie a bit.  I mean I guess they probably couldn’t get a komodo dragon animal actor or stand-in because they’re an endangered species, but the graphics on this komodo dragon in the film left a bit to be desired.  I mean, I love komodo dragons, and I’m all for having them at a casino and in a Bond movie, but it just seemed very fake for me.  It drew me out of the movie for a moment, but I was immediately drawn back in by Daniel Craig and the other Bond characters.

So anyways, those are my thoughts on Skyfall.  I HIGHLY recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who enjoys action, drama, and movies that make you reflect on what it’d really be like to be a bad ass 007.