Earworm Encounter: Miike Snow “Genghis Khan”

miike snow

From Left to Right: American Singer Andrew Wyatt, Swedish production duo Pontus Winnberg and Christian Karlsson  Photo URL

Video here

 This indie pop band just came out with their 3rd album entitled “iii”.  In Stockholm, Sweden, the production duo started working together in 2007 but they were only 2/3rds of the band that would later be called Miike Snow.  It wasn’t until 2004 that they joined artistic talents with Andrew Wyatt who was a songwriter at the time.  Then in 2009 the band released their debut album “Animal” and have been bringing the public awesome club-danceable music ever since.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m already a fan of this band ever since they came out with ‘Animal’ a few years ago.  I like that song so much that I keep it in my notes as a theme-song for one of my main characters in my novel Fifth Portal to rh.

Music Video Thoughts:

The current music video to this song is creatively hilarious.  If you ever got frustrated by Saturday morning villains stalling to kill the superhero, or wondering why anyone would use such elaborate plans to try and murder anyone, then this music video is for you.



Sharks with laser beams, anyone?

SPOILER ALERT: The music video is about a villain-James Bondesque relationship, but you find out that the villain isn’t happy with his domestic family life with a wife and 2 kids and is actually in love with the hero.  He has a giant laser beam (possibly a Death Beam) aimed at the hero, but ends up letting him go and then he and the hero confess their mutual feelings through an awesomely choreographed dance….but this new love doesn’t come without some shadowy consequences foreshadowed at the end of the video.

The song is nice and catchy on its own, but with the music video a new meaning comes through and enhances the music.  “Don’t want you to get it on with nobody else but me”–is a line that clearly refers to either a selfish or jealous lover and the music video definitely gives it a nice twist.  It does exactly what a great music video should do: it takes the music and interprets it in a surprising and charming way that lures in more people (who are potential fans).

Find their Tour Dates at their official website here

Need more?  Follow that electric indie beat to these: “Animal” or “Black and Blue

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