Why Korean Dramas should be a part of your life

Coffee Prince: a great K-drama with all the seasons on Hulu for free!

Image URL: http://www.koreanfilm.org/tvdramas/index.htm

When I ask people about what TV shows they’re currently watching, many only mention American or British TV shows and then talk for an unnecessary half hour about how great each show is.  And they probably are great, but wake up people!

We live in a global community, one with subtitles or dubs, and an entire internet of shows on our fingertips.  Why do people limit themselves to only English-speaking shows when the whole world has a wide array of entertainment delights for everyone to sample?  Some people only watch a movie in a foreign language, usually for class or to learn the language, but who said a person couldn’t watch a Korean drama just because they can’t speak Korean?

Her reaction to her first K-drama


I mean, not only are Korean dramas hysterical (think plots along the lines of a Spanish soap opera), but sometimes their subtitles just don’t translate well, which is an added dose of humor for your viewing pleasure.

I blame people’s reluctance to read as a main reason why they don’t watch subtitled shows.  Some people don’t even know where to start looking for foreign TV shows–hello!  You’re telling me you can successfully stalk a person on facebook, even find out where they live, but you can’t or won’t use your skills to find a simple foreign show online?

Here’s a hint:  Netflix has an entire section dedicated to foreign TV shows (specifically Korean dramas), and if you don’t have a Netflix account becuase you’re broke or your hacker skills aren’t up to snuff, then there’s always Hulu which offers TV shows in nearly every language imaginable.

And if your excuse is that you only have enough time to dedicate 18 hours to ‘The Walking Dead’ and the rest is spent on school/work, eating, sleeping and breathing, the just cut back on sleeping.  You really only need about three hours, if you time it right.  And breathing?  Please, that’s overrated as any hipster could tell you.

But my point is this–you’re not just a citizen of the English-speaking world, but an honorary member of planet Earth and the best way to get to know your fellow Earthlings is to watch what makes them laugh.  So get off tumblr, facebook, twitter, and what have you and take a little time out of everyday to find a foreign language show you’d really enjoy.  I promise you won’t regret it.