Who won the final Presidential debate of 2012?

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Last night was the last presidential debate of the season (thank god), and if you haven’t seen it you really should.  Not just because of the fact that the two guys word-battling up on stage might rule one of the world’s superpowers one day, but because the tension between the two last night reached almost gladiator status.

This is basically what last night looked like. The tiger’s the moderator, in case you were wondering.

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For me, Obama was spot on.  Mitt Romney had a few good points, but in general Obama was hitting back hard.  Throughout the night the two candidates would smirk and grimace at each other, as each fought back the urge to just yell ‘You lie’ (although the words ‘you just lied’ were said several times throughout the debate).  Mitt Romney seemed to lose his cool more than the current Commander-in-Chief, and his smile had a tenseness around the eyes that Obama did not match.

They spoke last night about the usual things: budge cuts, foreign policy, the economy and the military.  Mitt Romney was advocating for a harsher trade embargo on Iran, terminating Obamacare and other spending while at the same time increasing the budget for the military, and he believed that there needed to be a new policy towards China about our business relationship.  Both candidates defended Israel last night, although Romney wants a harsher policy towards Iran that Obama does not agree with and believes will lead to a direct confrontation.

Last night Obama was mainly on the defense, highlighting all that his presidency has done including keeping jobs on American soil, crippling Iran’s economy, mobilizing a global community to help stop Iran from going nuclear, and maintaining the military on a mutually agreed upon budget.  When Obama was on the offensive, Romney was generally left stuttering although both candidates had their fair share of ‘thinking pauses’.  Thankfully, neither candidate seemed to make a giant error in conveying their thoughts (binders full of women) and instead kept the debate civil and intelligent.

Favorite line from the night:  Bob Schieffer (the moderator) “I think we all love teachers.”

The tiger appears between the two gladiators, wondering which one he’ll get to devour next…

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